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Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to learn and gain formal recognition of skills whilst working.

The range and variety of Apprenticeship schemes in the UK is vast, and there is almost certainly something suitable to support all career paths.

Apprentices follow a structured and agreed learning path, determined between the apprentice, their employer and the skills council.

Apprentices follow this structured learning path whilst working, learning from colleagues. At regular intervals skills are assessed via demonstration and discussion with a member of our assessment team.

There might also be an element of off-the-job training at one of our training centres, where apprentices study Functional Skills, including:

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Information Communication Technology

On successful completion of the Apprenticeship scheme apprentices will hold a formally recognised qualification in the form of a Diploma Level 2 or 3.

Apprenticeships are funded by the Education & Skills Funding Agency, so there is usually no cost to employees or employers other than the wage or salary they are already paid.