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Enhanced Learning Credits

The Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) is an educational scheme of sponsorship for personal development courses for full time members of the Armed Forces both during their service and for up to ten years afterwards, subject to certain criteria being met .

The ELC scheme is designed to complement the Standard Learning Credits scheme (SLC) by providing larger scale financial support, to personnel who qualify, for higher level learning.

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ELC's can be used for larger scale, higher level learning, such as:

  • Full or part time study
  • Individual, group or distance learning
  • Courses which lead to a nationally recognised qualification i.e. NVQs/Diplomas
  • Study towards a first degree, including Foundation Degrees
  • Study towards a postgraduate qualification
  • Teacher training
  • A2/AS level study
  • Higher Education Institute access courses
  • Foreign language study
  • Pursuit of professional self development
  • Accreditation of prior learning assessment fees including accreditation of Service professional skills provided the individual has produced new, original work
  • Vocational course
  • Examination fees in respect of types of courses listed above.
  • Initial registration for Specific Learning Difficulties, e.g. dyslexia or dyscalculia, where an educational psychologist has previously diagnosed these difficulties. NB ELCs cannot be used for initial assessment or diagnosis


The scheme provides financial support to eligible Service personnel who wish to enhance their educational or vocational achievements at Level 3 or above on the National Qualification Framework. Before registering for any learning activity, for which ELC funding is to be claimed, please consult your Education Staff with regard to course eligibility. Please note that you may be asked to contact your Learning Provider for confirmation that the learning activity is of the required level.

ELCs are available in two tiers: The Lower Tier has a level of up to £1000 per annum and the Upper Tier has a level of up to £2000 per annum. These amounts may be claimed as a single payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years. Each eligible claimant may take a total of 3 claims. These may include claims in both the lower & upper tier but not exceed 3 claims in total.

The Scheme is based upon the principle that individuals will make a personal contribution towards the cost of their learning. The ELC contribution may be up to 80% of the gross course value. Applicants will also be responsible for payment for food, accommodation, course books, material, travel and subsistence.

Lower Tier ELC: The Army will pay 80% of the course costs up to a maximum of £1000 per annum for 3 years.