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This is an entry-level apprenticeship which provides the foundation knowledge skills & experience for the role of Supply Chain Operator within occupational areas in the Supply Chain industry.

Supply Chain Operators are primarily responsible for managing the movement of goods for a variety of customers across all sectors, and as such their customer base will range from large global organisations to sole traders and private customers in local areas, depending on their organisation. They may be required to work in shifts, for example overnight or working on weekends, and some (depending on the nature of their organisation) may be required to work internationally in Europe or at worldwide destinations.

Occupational areas

  • Traffic Office – managing the movement of goods for a variety of customers – either own account or third party from manufacturer or supplier to final destination or for onward delivery
  • Removals Operatives - the preparation for and performance of packing / unpacking and moving household, office and other furniture, goods and equipment into or out of new premises or storage or preparation for transit, both domestically and internationally. Removals Operatives often prepare and travel with the removal truck and long-distance moves may involve nights away from home. Moving furniture involves a lot of walking, bending and lifting and is hard, physical work.

Supply Chain Operators communicate and come into contact with a wide range of people and customers, and have a passion to meet customers’ expectations by providing a quality service that encourages repeat business, showing drive and energy even when challenges arise. Individuals in this role are highly competen t in using industry-recognised systems and associated services within their industry sector, and are able to work under pressure to tight deadlines, with excellent time management skills.  They are proactive and meet agreed commitments and expectations, taking responsibility for their own actions and doing the right thing.

The information below outlines the essential core knowledge, skills and behaviours that all Supply Chain Operators are required to develop throughout, and demonstrate on, completion of their apprenticeship.

Core knowledge – all Supply Chain Operators will have a good understanding of:

1. how to communicate effectively with customers/colleagues (including those working remotely, third party carriers, agencies and other organisations) appropriately in line with situation and organisational style/culture

2. structure of the industry, the methods and modes of transport, the roles available within the sector in general and in relation to their own career aspirations

3. importance of delivering excellent customer service to customers and colleagues, including identifying customer/colleague needs and responding appropriately in line with situation and organisational style/culture

4. vision, objectives and brand of the organisation; the importance of organisation reputation and what can affect it; how their own performance can contribute to organisational success and support or impact on others

5. proposed and actual changes to systems, processes and technology used in the industry, particularly relating to own role; how to keep up to date with any changes in the systems, processes and technology that affect their role

6. how their role can affect their health and the need to maintain a level of fitness appropriate to the needs of their role

Core skills – all Supply Chain Operators will be able to:

1. establish a good rapport with customers/colleagues; promote the values of the organisation in all of their work; identify and respond to or report threats to their organisation’s reputation where relevant

2. communicate effectively (using a variety of appropriate methods such as face to face, telephone, email etc) with customers and colleagues in line with organisational standards; identify and match customer needs through provision of excellent customer service; work closely with suppliers and customers to ensure any problems, damages or anomalies are corrected

3. demonstrate safe moving and handling of different objects, both manually and using relevant equipment; work individually and as part of a team to safely move and handle objects

4. work well in a team; support colleagues and contribute to achieving objectives or goals

5. seek to review, update and implement improvements to own method of working; positively take on board, and act on, feedback where relevant

6. adapt to new technology and accept the need for change

7. work under pressure and to agreed deadlines


1. Demonstrate integrity, credibility, honesty and personal drive in every aspect of their role; consistently embody the organisation’s values to promote and enhance brand reputation; strive to meet organisational objectives at all times and demonstrate a belief in the services that the organisation offers

2. Take ownership and responsibility for their own safety and that of others at all times; do the right thing and report any issues or concerns to a relevant person

3. Pay attention to the safe and effective use of equipment and machinery when carrying out activities

4. Take ownership for own performance and training, including demonstrating a keen interest in the industry; proactively drive their ongoing learning and development, and make recommendations for improvement where relevant

5. Strive to achieve the best results in all they do; maintain a positive attitude and approach to their work even when priorities and working patterns change

6. Demonstrate a commitment to achieving all personal and organisational objectives eg completing work, timekeeping, personal app earance and dress code

7. Show personal commitment to minimising the effect of work activities on the environment; make recommendations for improvement where relevant

8. Embrace the use of relevant technology, systems and equipment – use it responsibly and take an interest in new developments that could support the organisation

9. Take a positive interest in others and show a genuine interest in meeting the needs of others

10. Demonstrate an approachable and friendly manner; use own initiative when needed to ensure that customer needs and expectations are met.

11. Demonstrate pride in their own role through a consistently positive, professional approach with customers and members of wider team; constructively manage difficult situations with colleagues, always striving to achieve the best outcome for the organisation and wider team

Specialist knowledge and skills

one elective module should be chosen (either Traffic Office or Removals Operative)

Traffic Office Knowledge - the Supply Chain Operator (Traffic Office) will have a good understanding of:

1. relevant and current regulation and legislation (including international where relevant to role) governing the supply chain industry, their subsector and role in particular; consequences of not adhering to legal guidelines

2. how to plan routes (as required) and jobs, and the importance of re-planning, amending jobs or planning for further delivery when circumstances change

3. appropriate equipment/vehicle types and when to use them in order to minimise environmental impact

4. how to use the Transport Management System (TMS) and other relevant IT systems to:

a. input customer jobs for onward delivery

b. progress live jobs through the various stages of delivery, and update these when status or circumstances change c. track vehicles, loads and temperatures where required

5. timescales, processes and instructions relating to the use of TMS and other relevant IT systems

6. how to organise and allocate appropriate resources (vehicles, drivers and other staff etc) to jobs manually, or using relevant IT systems

7. safe use of equipment and machinery (such as manual handling equipment, vehicle and delivery systems) in order to provide briefs to colleagues

8. how to process goods when returned to base

9. the process for arranging vehicle maintenance and dealing with any related issues

Traffic Office Skills – the Supply Chain Operator (Traffic Office) will be able to:

  • fully comply with current appropriate rules and regulation; maintain the health, safety and security of people at all times.
  • plan routes for safe delivery of products, and can amend or re-plan when circumstances change
  • work to improve cost efficiencies and reduce environmental impact of work activities by selecting the most appropriate driving route and mode of transport when planning deliveries
  • use the TMS system effectively to add, track and update customer jobs; follow related processes and instructions in order to achi eve job timescales or deadlines
  • assign appropriate resource to customer jobs, including vehicle and staff, and deal with outside agencies and organisations when extra resource is required
  • plan and provide briefs to other operators (eg LGV Drivers and warehouse operatives) on the use of relevant equipment and machinery, including the consequences of using them incorrectly, to ensure the safe handling of customer goods
  • debrief drivers on their return to base
  • process goods when returned to base
  • follow instructions, and ensure maintenance issues relating to equipment and machinery are dealt with promptly
  • schedule vehicle maintenance and report any issue to the relevant person

Removals Operative Knowledge – the Supply Chain Operator (Removals Operative) will have a good understanding of:

1. how to plan jobs, and the importance of re-planning or amending jobs when customer needs or circumstances change, for example jobs being delayed, house sales falling through

2. what to consider when selecting packing materials appropriate to the job, for example items being moved (size, fragile/non-fragile items, prohibited/restricted items), current and final destinations (storage, retail, domestic or international) and type of job (import/export, household, libraries, commercial)

3. how to prepare and use packing materials efficiently to reduce waste, costs to the organisation and environmental impact; understand the consequences of not using or disposing of these correctly

4. moving, handling and packing processes for items such as: fragile items (for example mirrors, windows, paintings, antiques); non-fragile items; furniture and other large objects for example pianos, clocks, barometers, machinery) into or out of new premises, storage or preparation for transit, both domestically and internationally

5. moving, handling and packing processes for dealing with restricted or prohibited items (for example drugs, weapons, new goods, protected species)

6. safe use of equipment and machinery (such as manual handling equipment, vehicle and delivery systems) including where to find further information such as instructions or guidance; understands consequences of using them incorrectly

7. the need for, and how to prepare relevant documentation, inventories and labelling for removals jobs, for example time sheet, job sheet, waybill, bingo sheet, risk assessment, scope of works, customer feedback forms, insurance forms, quotation / acceptance

8. the need for and how to prepare documentation and records relating to restricted or prohibited items

9. processes for loading and unloading items into vehicles; containers; LCL, crates and lift vans; crates and boxes

10. how to dismantle and/or reassemble furniture as required, including the use of appropriate tools and equipment where relevant

11. relevant and current regulation and legislation (including international where relevant to role) relating to the moving and handling of items, for example health and safety, country-specific prohibition or restrictions for moving certain items in or out, restrictions on goods relating to air freight and terrorism issues; and the individual and organisational consequences of not adhering to these

12. the changing consumer landscape, including changes to consumer protection and rights

13. basic IT applications and other relevant technology and systems, such as traffic monitoring, vehicle systems, payments, map reading, data recording fleet tracking and other related systems

14. other systems and processes relevant to their subsector (such as freight forwarding, data input, payments, international trade, and removal processes) which facilitate an effective and efficient service to customers

Removals Operative Skills – the Supply Chain Operator (Removals Operative) will be able to:

1. plan and re-plan accordingly when customer needs or circumstances change

2. select, prepare and use materials appropriate to the job efficiently and in a way which reduces waste, costs and environmental impact; taking into consideration the item(s) to be moved, their current and final destinations

3. follow appropriate processes for moving, handling and packing/unpacking items; move household, office and other furniture, goods and equipment into or out of new premises, storage or preparation for transit, both domestically and internationally

4. use equipment and machinery safely; follow instructions and organisational policy in a safe and efficient manner to carry out work activities

5. prepare relevant documentation, inventories and labelling for removals jobs

6. safely and efficiently load and unload items into and from (as appropriate to role) vehicles, containers, LCL, crates and lift vans, crates and boxes; use appropriate manual handling equipment or machinery where necessary

7. safely and efficiently dismantle and/or reassemble furniture as required, including safe and efficient use of tools and equipm ent where relevant

8. fully comply with current appropriate rules and regulation relating to the moving and handling of items; maintain the health, safety and security of people at all times.

9. use basic IT systems appropriately and in line with organisational requirements, for example using emails and the internet; b ar coding systems; records, checks and maintains data appropriate to the task


The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 12 months to complete.

English and maths requirements

Apprentices without Level 1 English and maths will need to achieve this level and take the test for Level 2 English and maths prior to completion of their apprenticeship.

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